"Habet multum iucunditatis soli caelique mutatio", You'll be very happy by changing ground and sky: so said Pliny the Elder. For over thirty years we have done our best to satisfy our costumers needs, beacuse travelling is a pleasant experience, but travelling with Autolinee Boldrini is an unforgettable one.
Our company is a point of reference for people transport in Rimini, Italy, and we have made quality into our best weapon: service quality and quality of our equipment. In our efforts to provide the best service we can, we own a newly-bought fleet of buses, almost entirely made up of Setra 415 and 315 with luxury interior, which is constantly renovated and subjected to preventive manteinance procedures as years go by.
We recently celebrated thirty years of activity since the foundation of our company, but the story begins many years before, in 1926, in a small country town in the province of Rimini named San Clemente. At that time Luigi Boldrini obtained a car hire license. In 1976 he bought his first bus and ten years later he and his sons Luciano and Werther bought their first grand touring bus, virtually creating the company.
We have always paid attention to our costumers necessities, and, in this spirit, we purchased on 2002 a couple of Irizar/Scania buses specially equipped for transporting physically handicapped persons, beacuse we think that everybody has the right to enjoy the pleasures of travelling.
We have many quality certificates, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 Compliance Certificate no. 191838 issued by BVQI, which you can check on this web site: www.bvqi.it

Our company actually has 30 vehicles: "Gran Touring" buses, minibuses, autolimousines and regular service buses. Our objective is to offer a high quality service, and in order to achieve it we try to mantain our fleet as new as possible, as a guarantee of comfort and security. Almost all our vehicles are recently registrated.
We have the following types of "Gran Touring" buses:
  • double-decker buses up to 79 pax
  • buses up to 51 - 58 pax
  • buses up to 16 - 35 pax
  • buses up to 39 - 46 posti for disabled people
  • Minibuses, autovans and autolimousines up to 4 - 8 pax
  • Our fleet equipment consists of:
  • air conditioning
  • HI-FI radio, CD, DVD, cassette, video, TV 1 or more screens, 1 or more cordless microphones
  • velvet, contoured, sloping seats
  • frigobar, macchina caffè
  • For more demanding Customers, we also have vehicles equipped by:
  • toilette
  • luggage/ski carriage
  • kitchen
  • Most recent buses have personal air conditioning and lights, glass carrier, footrest.
    Each bus is also equipped by ABS, EPS, tempomat, voight (hydraulic extra brake).

    In order to obtain information about timetables, routes (plus possible changes) and rates on Autolinee Boldrini buses regular service in the province of Rimini, you can contact Agenzia Mobilità di Rimini:
  • by visiting their web site: http://www.amrimini.it
  • by calling their office at (0039) 0541 300511
  • If you need support for lost and found items you can contact our offices during business hours:
  • by calling (0039) 0541 380300
  • For any other info or request about scheduled service in the province of Rimini you can contact Agenzia Mobilità di Rimini.
    We remind you that, in observance of the law (D.P.R. 735/80, resolution of the Region Emillia Romagna n. 5811/94, Regional Law 30/98), smoking is forbidden on board public service buses.Per ottenere informazioni riguardanti gli orari, i percorsi (più eventuali variazioni) e le tariffe delle linee effettuate da autobus delle Autolinee Boldrini nel bacino di Rimini e provincia potete contattare l'Agenzia Mobilità di Rimini:

    VAT number: 01187340409
    Registered Office: Piazza Adua, 3 - 47832 San Clemente (RN)
    Social purpose: public and private transport activities.
    Activity: bus service supply; buses and cars rental with driver for national and international transport.

    Address: Via Flaminia, 171 / 7th floor - 47900 Rimini (RN)
    Business hours: from Monday to Friday, from 09am to 1pm and from 3pm to 7pm. On Saturday, from 09:30am to 12:30pm
    Map: you can find our offices on the map by visiting Google Maps ©.
    Address: Via Varisco, 7 - 47900 Rimini (RN)
    Business hours: usually our bus depot is not open to the public. Authorization is needed, you can obtain it by calling us.

  • U.N.I.T.A.L.S.I.: www.unitalsi.it
  • Municipality of Rimini: www.comune.rimini.it
  • Association for the Promotion of Tourism (APT): www.apt.emilia-romagna.it
  • Municipality of San Clemente: www.sanclemente.it
  • Rimini Fiera SpA: www.fierarimini.it
  • Municipality of Riccione: www.comune.riccione.rn.it
  • Rimini Convention Bureau: www.riminiconvention.it
  • Municipality of Bellaria - Igea Marina: www.comune.bellaria-igea-marina.rn.it
  • Mobility Agency of Rimini: www.amrimini.it
  • Municipality of Savignano sul Rubicone: www.comune.savignano-sul-rubicone.fo.it
  • Mobility Agency of Forlì: www.atr-online.it

    Our company has many certification and service recognitions, as a result of the high standards of our work.
    We require some of them in order to do our job, while others have been given to us as a recognition; our costumers satisfaction still remains for us the best "certificate".
  • ISO 9001:2008 (SINCERT)
  • Versione Italiana